Wooden roofing

Wooden roofingThe roofing is a very valuable and important aspect of the building process. It protects the house from the external environment and also it is a nice decoration of the house. The right choice of the roof for the house or a wooden bath-house is a very responsible step. The high quality roof shows the taste of the owner.

Nowadays there is a wide range of different roofing materials for the private houses, cottages, chalets. The most common ones are: metal roofing sheets, natural roofing (shingles). Beside you it is necessary to think over the winterization of the house in order to save the heating.

Advantages of the wooden roofing for the log

We offer you wooden roofing which is being made by the masters in the villages of the Transcarpathian region. This art transfers from generation to generation. It looks very attractive and pleasing to the eye:

– Wooden roofing – laid shingle, peak, shake roof shingles are very reliable materials which is made of the fur which grows in our region.

– Wooden roof breathes. If it is vet it dries fast.

– It is sound absorbing. You will not hear the sound of hail or rain.

– Wooden roofing looks fabulously and attracts attention. It differs from other materials. Its natural structure gives the opportunity to make roof of a great variety of colors which gives a unique appearance.

– The term of exploitation is not less than 80 years.

Experience in the masonry of the wooden roofing

We have a great experience in roofing masonry of any complexity. We can make a dome on the church of any shape, design with wooden roofing.  All wooden materials which we use in our work are chosen from the high Carpathian mountains which is located on thousand meters over the sea level. This wood is considered to be an extra class material.

All materials we perform manually without any electrical lathes. The shingle is cut manually. That is why the roof will be reliable and unique and will serve you more than 50 years.

In you want a wooden roof we can paint it with different colors or remain it with its natural shade.  Nowadays shingle is very ischemic for the domes of the churches.

Company Karpaty-Dom will help you to choose the material right. We will consult you on all the matters which are connected with montage work. We will assume all the responsibility for all problems concerning the montage works. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the wooden roof for many years. Contact us!

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