How do they make wooden houses

How do we build wooden housesIn this article we will look through some stages of wooden house building. The building process of a wooden house may be divided into three stages in accordance to the properties of wood. The main one is drying of wood. It is connected with the reduction through evaporation of humidity. The building process is divided into the following stages:

  • The first stage. The designing of the wooden house. First the conceptual sketch, the project and working documentation are being made. We make an estimate of cost taking into account the amount of works;
  • The second stage. The raising of the wooden log and its setup on the finished foundation on which we put ruberoyd and technonikol. Then we put logs row by row, drill holes and hammer oak nails, we do a laying between log crowns with moss, linen, or mineral wool;
  • The third stage. Installation of windows, doors, floors, partitions, rafters, crate, floor and ceiling logs, laying of the metal sleeve for the hidden electrical wiring in accordance to the project.

Of course, most purchasers want only one stage building process.  And this is so for them. As many moments are held in our concern, and all materials are delivered to the land plot in the semi-finished condition. We only perform the construction.

After the house is being ready, we start the following works:

  • Roof processing. The company Karpaty-Dom offers you wooden roofing of our own production. The purchaser can choose it himself;
  • Polishing of the inner walls. In order to make it smoother we treat it in advance;
  • Stairs installation. We can offer you the following materials for stairs: oak, ash, sycamore, beech, spruce;
  • Windows and doors adjustment in the wooden house;
  • While floor installation our workers will offer you insulation which is necessary for coziness and comfort of your house;
  • Installation of electrical wiring. Such works are performed only by highly-qualified workers. Wirings should be hidden.

The popularity of the wooden constructions

Wooden houses become more and more popular because of the ecological properties, thermal and technical characteristics. They are comfortable and exquisite. They can be heated much faster. There is no feeling of humidity like in a brick house. There is a scent of a coniferous wood. You can choice all materials for the building process!


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