Laminated veneer lumber houses

Laminated veneer lumber housesThe building of the wooden houses is in a great demand and there are many reasons for this. Such houses may be built in any regions of Ukraine or you can easily buy one. People want to live in comfortable conditions and clear atmosphere. Laminated veneer lubber houses are not intended only for life in them but also for work in them. Beside, we make high quality wooden roofing. Many modern companies agree to pay for environmentally friendly offices which are situated in suburbs. Are you ready to take the next step into the new standard of living? If so, you should look through the advantages of the laminated veneer lumber houses:

Let’s examine the advantages of the laminated veneer lumber houses

  • It is a natural material which is absolutely environmentally friendly. We comply with the international standards.
  • The modern production technology gives possibility to control the quality at every stage.
  • The correct drying provides with the moisture reduction to the optimum level.
  • The low weight. The wooden houses are not heavy and don’t press the foundation.
  • Resistance to the external factors. Laminated veneer lumber withstands great temperature changes. It is resistant to moisture, wind and other weather conditions.
  • Properties reservation of the natural wood. After treatment the log saves the wood property. You can always smell the light scent of the summer forest.
  • Gorgeous look. No one building material is nothing compared to the wood. The rich texture, shades and colors give you possibility to create masterpieces.
  • Quick assemblage. The exact geometry of the profiles allows you to make the assemblage quickly. The house is done as puzzles.
  • Thermal neutrality. Profiling allows you to reduce the speed of the air movement through the special stitch. This shows that there are heat insulation properties.
  • Minimal shrinking. This allows proceeding to the interior set up and the purchaser may easily move to the new house. Such house will prevent itself from the cracks and endless winterization.
  • Great balance between the price and the quality. The cost of such house will be lower than of the house built from other materials. It will look presentable.

Build the laminated veneer lumber houses with the help of the professionals

If you made a decision to build a laminated veneer lumber house, our company would be a good partner. One may judge our work by our successful projects which we have been creating for more than 10 years. There is a photo gallery in our website. And this is only the small part of the projects which was created by our professionals.  They will also help you to prepare a project and its design.

Our own manufacture is located in the Transcarpathian region. It gives us possibility to work qualitatively and in short terms. We always wait for your call with a great pleasure.

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