Internal work

Internal workIt is a high time to proceed to the internal work when the building process is finished. It improves the operating characteristics of the log and also gives a possibility to create a unique design. A well done job will create a perfect atmosphere in your house.

We provide the following:

– the final polishing of the walls and ceiling

– walls painting with any color

– floor winterization

– floor mounting (matchboard, parquet plank)

– floor and floorboards painting

-roof and loft winterization

– batten and ceiling baseboards montage

– decorative plug between the log layers

– cutting out of the doorways

– doors and windows adjusting

– windowsill adjusting ( inner, outer)

– stairs of any design and complexity

– building of the saunas ( foil treatment and other works)

– other building work which the purchaser wants

Protection against destroying patterns

In order to prevent the wood destruction we should supply the effective protection from moisture, fire, insects.  We pay much attention to the defense of the building materials. All of them get a special treatment with special liquids which are not harmful for people.

The temperature changes may cause to the wood rotting. The first indicators are – fungus and mold. In order to prevent this one should carry out preventive work which will supply the additional protection of the house. N

The best variant is antiseptics. There are liquid solution and pastes. Some of the antiseptics are universal and they prevent wood from decay and insects.

Protection against fire

In order to protect wood against fire we use fire resistant solutions – flame retardants.  It is a compulsory protection. The substance with the help of which the wood was treated will turn into the thin film under the flame and will impede the fire for some time.

We take care not only of the building of the nice cozy house but also for the safety of the living in it.

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