How to adjust windows and doors in the wooden house

Nice windows and doors are as important as walls, roof and furniture. The entrance door not only protect house from bad weather and unwanted guests but also shows a good taste of the hosts. They should emphasize a good style of the building and look good in the general design. It also concerns both entrance doors and interior doors.

There must have a question about windows and doors adjusting with your own hands. It is possible to do this but we don’t advice you to do this. Everything should be done in a proper way that’s why you should better ask highly-qualified workers for help, as each door has its own installation features.


Doors installation and how to insulate doors in a wooden house

There is a certain to install doors in a wooden house:

  • cutting out of a doorways
  • cutting out of chase for the sliding base
  • door adjusting
  • using of mineral wool to insulate the doors
  • adjusting of a door slope and the cashing is nailed to it

How to install wooden doors in a wooden houseChoosing of a door location is a compulsory stage of a designing. The main choice criterion is a convenience of location. The following moments should be taken into account: future location of the furniture, lightning devices, wiring, heating system and water supplying. All these nuances will be taken into account by our workers.

Some tips to door installation

  • it is compulsory that entrance doors should be opened outside- this is a compulsory requirement of the fire safety
  • design of the entrance door demonstrates taste and status of a host of the house
  • interior doors should be in the same style as the whole house and be harmonious with the general interior of the house

Contact us for further door installing

The workers from the company Karpaty-Dom cannot only build a high-quality wooden house in short terms but also offer you a reliable and unique project. We do work of all levels of complexity. We use only high-quality wood for making wooden doors.


Having ordered a house from our company you will not have any questions concerning door installing. We perform complex work. A house which you will buy from our company will have a unique design.

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