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Wood house from company Karpaty-Dom

Over than 10 years the company Karpaty-Dom is successfully building log houses in Ukraine. Our clients want to have these wooden houses  and  summer  houses on their land plots. We have clients from other countries.  And we can  perform the order of any complexity. The houses built by our company may be noticed in many regions of Ukraine.

Ready-made house for sale

House78,300 m2
Materialrounded beam 220 mm
Dimensions6,6 х 6,6 m
First floor35,000 m2
Terrace8,800 m2
Second floor31,900 m2
Balcony11,400 m2
Total area87.100 m2
Price320,000 UAH

Basic equipment:

– the walls and Perestenko
– beams of overlapping
– roof rafters

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Ready-made church for sale

Church64,500 m2
Materialrounded beam 220 mm
Dimensions10,4 х 8,0 m
Total area64,500 m2
Exteriority1 floor

Basic equipment:

– walls and gates
– beams of overlapping
– roof rafters and rafters
– dome, cross

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Many people have a dream about their own house, cottage or wooden bath-house. And nowadays it is quite real to build a nice cozy place where you can be relaxed in the comfortable atmosphere. Easy to pay price , the great quality and high skilled qualifications attract many people.

wooden houses

To rely us the construction of the house means:

  • to be sure in high quality of the materials its environmental friendliness and safety for your family.
  • you will be able to move to your new house in short terms
  • not to pay much money for it
  • to provide healthy microclimate inside the house during all seasons
  • to start  the construction in the appropriate time for you
  • to communicate with people who do the projects of the wooden houses by themselves

The types of the houses which we build

During the work we use such materials as: regularized round timber, laminated veneer lumber  and wild timber from the Carpathians mountain. All materials which are used in the constructing of the wooden houses in a turn-key basis

Are certified and have the proper documentation. Before the start of the house constructing we choose high quality wood processed with special antiseptics  and  fire suppression fluid  and only after this we begin to build a house

In short terms we build the following:

  • houses
  • bathhouses
  • summerhouses
  • church, chapel
  • restaurants ,cafes ,bars
  • shops and kiosks
  • modern houses and houses of hytsyls

We also make wooden roofing materials (dranitsa, shingles, peaks)

Each wooden house project  is important for us! The workers put the heart and the soul into every house. Karpaty-Dom specializes in constructing of any complexity. We will  work on an individual draft of the house  and its design.

The best construction workers  of Ukraine will build exclusive wooden  houses in short terms. The work is done without any intermediaries which has a positive influence on the price of the house. The total control of all stages of the building process makes it fast and the object will be done within the specified time frame.

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